Doug Price and Gayle Watson: Our home is just to the south, across the road from this gorgeous piece of the world. I used to ride here and had fallen in love with it . It has been used as a hunt camp for the previous 12 years and that is when the building complex was constructed.It became available late in the fall of 2013 and we purchased  it with to operate as a vacation and seminar rental property – and to expand our  network of trails.

With this 100 acres and 155 on our  home property, we can share the trails with long distance horseback riders, dogsledders, skijorers, hikers and birders. Having grown up in cities ( Toronto and Oakville) it is an incredible privilege to have this in our “backyard”.

We named it for one of the heritage apple varieties discovered on this long abandoned farm site. A massive cedar clad hill guards you from the busy world. The driveway winds up through the cedars to the building complex and continues on around the hill. It then drops through a ravine and over one of the creeks. Up onto the other side are the whispers of long ago settlers – the barn  foundation and then an old sugar shack is built on the original house foundation. Settlers would probably have made this trek out to get supplies and sell produce only several times a year. Look for lilacs, asparagus and the rare butternut trees around the old homestead.

Beyond here, pick a trail to the north for a viewing site towards a small inland lake and in the distance is the wooded escarpment backing the Bognor Marsh. Other trails take you to a wetland, creek or through regrowth and reforested woodlands that were originally fields. Great birding opportunities along the old maples in the stone fence lines.

We hope you enjoy this land and your stay here as much as we do.


Gayle and Doug